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February 19, 2007



“Private Equity's Role Grows Along With Local Deals”
Washington Post

The value of mergers and acquisitions in Virginia, Maryland and the District hit record highs last year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. But even more striking is the growth of private-equity involvement in these deals, which more than doubled in each of the three jurisdictions.


October 23, 2006


“Executive Spotlight with Rick Rickertsen ”
Potomac Executive Biz

In the 11/21/2006 edition of ExecutiveBiz we had a chance to catch up with Rick Rickertsen, Managing Partner of Pine Creek Partners.

Pine Creek Partners is a private equity firm which recently raised $54 million to make acquisitions. Rick Rickertsen is the Managing Partner of the firm. We discuss what sectors he is looking at, a profile of an average deal, and what factors are considered when evaluating transaction.


October 23, 2006


“Get Ready to Sell Your Business”
by Mary Klest

When you own a company, your energy and know how make the business go. However, selling your business may require different skills. Before you make any moves in this direction, it's important to plan well so that you get the rewards you deserve. Here are some suggestions.


October 23, 2006


“What Entrepreneurs Need to Know”
by David E. Gumpert

Why you shouldn't make your son CEO, complying with government regulations, how prospective buyers see your business, and online business tips.


October 9, 2006


“What you must do if it's time to sell your business”
by Marcia Heroux Pounds

Your business is on an upswing. In fact, business has never been better.

It may be time to sell.


October 6, 2006


“Specific Books For Specific Problems”
800-CEO-Read Blog

If you have just been given a new project or a new job, there are all sorts of questions jumping around in your head. Often, you will just listen to those around you for advice. Books can give you a great third-party resource.


September 2006


“Business Brokers: Are they worth the fee?”
by Gary M. Stern
Small Business Review

You can sell a business yourself, but you may not get the best deal.


September 2006


“Recent Deals”
by Terence O'Hara
Washington Post

Pine Creek Partners, a private equity firm run by well-known local investors Carl J. "Rick" Rickertsen and George McCabe , finished raising its first investment fund last week to finance small and mid-size management buyouts.


September 2006


“Smart Books ”
by Lucy Webb
Washington Business Journal

The author of “Buyout: The Insider’s Guide to Buying Your Own Company” (and managing partner at Pine Creek Partners in Washington) is back with the other side of the coin – getting out of your business once you’ve put yourself into it.


September 2006


“BloggingStocks Interview”
by Tom Taulli

Rick Rickertsen started his career in the private equity world in 1987. Now, he is a managing partner at the buyout fund Pine Creek Partners. His standout deal was the $30 million investment in SAGA, which returned $300 million.

June 2001


  “Buyout Your Boss”
by Paul B. Brown
Inc. Magazine

Valuations are down, investment capital is abundant, and skilled, seasonal managers are scarce.  There’s never been a better time to buy the business you work for.

July 9, 2001   “Boffo Time For Buyouts”
by Dyan Machan

To Carl J. (Rick) Rickertsen, these are golden times for managers who want to borrow money and take a public company private.  Rickertsen, 41, ought to know: He has led 50 management buyouts in his career.  His buyout firm, Thayer Capital in Washington D.C., raises the capital and takes controlling stakes in companies.
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June 5, 2001   “Former Engineer Wins With Bets in Technology”
by Johnathon Burns
The Wall Street Journal

It took all of a few months for Rick Rickertsen to fall out of love.  It happened in a clinically cleaned and scrubbed lab at the storage products division of International Business Machines Corp., where white-coated technicians flittered about making aesthetically beautiful but unromantic, large discs.  “I was forever cured of my interest in engineering,” says Rickertsen, but “I still loved technology."

April 2001  

“VCs on VC”
Washington Business Forward

A veteran of the California venture capital scene, Rick Rickertsen is chief operating officer of the Washington-based Thayer Capital Partners, which he joined in 1994.  The firm focuses mainly on electronics manufacturing and services as it invests the final third of its fourth major venture capital fund.

April 23, 2001   “Thayer Capital’s Saga Deal Tells A Compelling Story For Software”
by Christa Fanelli
Buyouts Newsletter

If firms and companies were people and life was a movie, the story of Thayer Capital Partners, Saga Software, and Software AG would be an award-winning, well, saga…