Sell Your Business Your Way : Reviews

"A few years ago when markets were down, Rickertsen wrote a book explaining how you could buy a company.  Now that markets have recovered, Rickertsen is out with a new book telling you how to sell a company.  His advice may be as good as his timing."
:: David Bonderman, Founder, Texas-Pacific Group

"Rick Rickertsen is one of the most insightful and thoughtful finance professionals I have known.  His newest book will become the blueprint for selling companies on the best terms and prices.  It is a very smart read by a very gifted writer and thinker."
:: Former Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, Chairman & CEO, The Cohen Group

"Sell Your Business Your Way is one of the first books to offer a complete view of the entire selling process - from the soft issues such as dealing with family and life after the sale to the hard issues of valuation and due diligence.  And it is written with passion."
:: Christopher J. Nassetta, CEO, Host Hotels & Resorts

"This is a comprehensive guide for any business owner, large or small, on how to strategize on the sale and maximize value for their companies.  And it is written in accessible terms without a lot of Wall Street jargon.  It is a valuable resource. "
:: David M. Solomon, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

"After buying and selling many companies in my career - and learning lessons the hard way - I wish I'd had this excellent book earlier.  Rickertsen empowers sellers with the insights of Wall Street.  This is the book that buyers don't want you to have!"
:: William L. Walton, Chairman & CEO, Allied Capital